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Helping HVAC contractors unleash their gold mine.

You wouldn't have started a HVAC business if you didn't think it was potential for a gold mine, right?

HVAC Marketing Services


For many HVAC companies--a website is the company's storefront. This means your website is your company's first impression. Gold Mine Marketing's website designers have designed and created HVAC websites since 2005.



Gold Mine Marketing finds your favorite type of customer so your company can perform its favorite type of job.


Branding states who you are. If you company doesn't say who you are--you might be losing business. We have branded company's and increased their internet and public presence


CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. If you don't have good content--you're getting left in the dark (marketing blackhole).

If you own a HVAC company--you might want to read this . . . 

We are marketing

gold miners

With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry--we know the ups and downs of trying to keep your guys busy throughout the seasons. You don't want to lose your greatest technician or lose money trying to keep him. Because we've been there done that! Give us a call to chat about the strategies we have used to help other HVAC companies like yours! 

To see if your city is available for some gold digging . . . click the link below and get started.

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