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Gold Mine Marketing

Keith Jones

Los Angeles, CA

Since working with Gold Mine Marketing my sales have tripled and I had to purchase more trucks and employ more guys and they helped me with sales training too. I'm glad I decided to give my company a chance it deserved otherwise I would be stuck with one truck and past due bills. Thanks Dan for helping me get on track and now my family can go on vacation without having to worry if we can go or not.

Jorge Hernandez

Phoenix, AZ

The team at Gold Mine Marketing know exactly what HVAC contractors need in order to succeed. They made my phone ring and gave my company the type of work that my guys like the most. My profits increased and my wife is excited for our business. Thank you for helping me get my sanity back.

John Daves

Riverside, CA

I hired other marketing companies even the biggest in the industry and they couldn't give me the results Gold Mine Marketing gave me. The other companies gave me a CRM platform that I had to try to figure out. The gave me a tacky website that was so generic my five year old could have done better. If you're looking for a marketing company that will create an awesome website, get you targeted traffic and make your profits increase then give Gold Mine a try. 

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